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ELA has operated since 1996 to advise and support UK electronics companies to reach success in the Japanese market. 


Our core concept is liaison with key contacts in target companies and effective advice and support

Tokyo, Japan - Rainbow Bridge

Our story  詳細はこちら

Our story actually started before 1996, with the successful DTI "Action Japan" initiative, and the eight missions to Japan starting from 1994 ( the DTI's JEBA initiative) . These missions helped many UK companies to gain success with Japanese companies, and this led to the creation of Electronics Link Asia (ELA) in June 1996.   ELA's Yokohama office was opened in Jan 1998 by Nobuo Kanoi, senior VP of Sony Corporation, and Sir David Wright, British Ambassador to Japan at the time.


ELA has kept the core successful concept of liaison with key contacts at target Japanese companies combined with effective advice and persistent support.  There are several success stories on this site, based on hard won experience, and will be added to.   In ELA's case an absolute key to this has been the excellent independent Japanese senior consultants with their experience and wisdom.


In Jan 2006 Electronics Link Japan (ELJ) was created as a joint venture with Steve Crane, to add sales staff, 

In Sept 2008, while working at ELJ, Steve started Business Link Japan to move into a wider area, and in March 2011 Electronics Link Japan closed.

Electronics Link Asia continues as advice and liaison, and continues its long term focus in electronics/ ICT , together with its associates in Japan, adding China in the near future.

Since 1996 ELA has helped its clients achieve more than 30 significant sales successes in Japan...  listed below

ESM: sales to Panasonic Semis 2000-2001

TTPCom : sales to Shintom, Panasonic Semis, Panasonic Mobile, Sharp Mobile, Toshiba Semis, Toshiba Mobile, and others 2000-2006

Philips/AIK : sales to Panasonic and Sony 2000-2001

Prestwick Circuits: sales to Sony and others 2000-2003

Alan Group : sales to Fuji-Copian, Hochiki 2000

Elixent : sales to two major companies T and P 2003-2004

Celoxica : sales to Omron , Toshiba 2003

TTP : sales to five major Japanese companies ( names withheld)  2002-2006

Magic4 :sales to two major Japanese mobile companies S,P 2003-2004

Apical : sales to Nikon and five other major companies O,KM,SE,K,R ( see "success stories" page)  2004-2006

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