Success Stories ケーススタディー

These case studies recognise successes of companies we know, something to learn and be inspired by, as you consider business in Japan.  To be expanded in future, we are happy to update you. Some have connection with ELA, some not... but all worth sharing, we feel.

Tokyo, Japan - Rainbow Bridge

Apical logo

"it took 20 meetings for our first order, but it led to many more" Michael Tusch

Celoxica logo

"thorough preparation made all the difference" Colin Mason

"Getting it right at the beginning is key to long term success in Japan" Julian Hayes

"you weren't supposed to get a Japanese order that quickly"

"Sharp was our breakthough to a huge success in Japan"  Christopher Cytera and Mark Collins

Philips logo

"Philips success at Sharp led to world success"

ELA Successes

Since 1996 ELA has helped its clients achieve more than 30 significant sales successes in Japan...

  • ESM: sales to Panasonic Semis 2000-2001
  • TTPCom: sales to Shintom, Panasonic Semis, Panasonic Mobile, Sharp Mobile, Toshiba Semis, Toshiba Mobile 2000-2006
  • Philips/AIK: sales to Panasonic and Sony 2000-2001
  • Prestwick Circuits: sales to Sony and others 2000-2003
  • Alan Group: sales to Fuji-Copian, Hochiki 2000
  • Elixent: sales to two major companies T and P 2003-2004
  • Celoxica: sales to Omron , Toshiba 2003
  • TTP: sales to five major Japanese companies 2002-2006
  • Magic4: sales to two major Japanese mobile companies 2003-2004
  • Apical: sales to Nikon and five other major companies 2004-2006